GTD attempts

GTD (Getting Things Done) – I received a copy of the David Allen book about 4 years ago. So far, I have been only successful in implementing the 2-minute rule and the Weekly review, and keeping an almost-manageable Inbox (~ 25 items). I sort of almost forgot completely about GTD after that. When I changed jobs, about 3 years ago, and now have gotten into managing people and projects, I realized the need for GTD more than never.

A casual search on Google turned up and  GTDWannabe, and scores of others links. A few clicks later, I discovered how many people were blogging about their experiences with GTD and similar techniques. GTD sort of prompted to start using an RSS aggregator, and start subscribing to all these good ideas floating around.

The more I started reading more on the GTD Tools-of-choice, I started getting worried about the inaccessbility of some of these tools in my case. To my luck, I found the solution also in one of those GTD-related blogs – PocketMod. To be honest, I haven't even started using PocketMod as much as I should be, but I plan to start doing it seriously from now.

I have had a Toshiba e355 PDA around for the past 4 years, but pretty much can never use it, because of the security restrictions in and around the workplace, so "digital" is never going to work for me. I need to go "analog" – and get myself going on Moleskine, PocketMod, and of course all the other DIY Paper planners. 

It is a sad state of affairs, when you want to try going digital, but security restrictions don't allow you to bring in your PDA or a portable-assistant, because you can save sensitive information on it, and carry it out with you – So much for the digital paperless office. 


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