Dates or no Dates ?

I have sort of always been bothered when I see some pages in my planner empty – The weekends usually are empty, and more often than not, I am not entering anything –

Last couple of years, I had delayed buying a new planner, and it was almost a couple of weeks before I made my first entry in the planner. It sort of still feels odd when I see the first few pages empty –

I have decided to do away with my planner, and just use a large notebook and sort of using it like a journal, making entries as I go including the dates –

Just strike a big line across the page, when the day ends, and start the next day in the next line – Works for me !

Not GTD-worthy at all, but a small step atleast towards a implementing a more mature GTD workflow in my case – One step at a time ! 🙂

This is great ! Just wanted I wanted –


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