Pocket PC troubles

My Toshiba e355 was a good piece. It was a very useful PDA, but somehow I never got used to such a small screen, and also the pain in getting used to Graffiti, Keyboard etc… I had at one point in time thought of buying a Targus Keyboard to make it easy for me to type into the Pocket PC, but just couldn't do it – 

My handwriting sucks, so I could never get the device settle into a good recognition scheme 🙂 – And typing with the stylus on the on-screen keyboard was a pain – I could type 10 times faster. Somehow I never liked the Grafitti –

BTW, a couple of good things about the Toshiba e355 – It has a nice in-built voice recorder, and also Word, Excel and Outlook – So I could occassionally sync some stuff onto it and should come in handy. And of course, it has Windows Media player, and I have a 1GB card in it – So that should accomodate a good set of songs – I don't own an IPod, but this should do for me –  

I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks that my world is too small to fit into a PDA or a Smart-phone screen – And besides, I want to recover my handwriting back – so for now I have decided to stick to paper, and my trusty old desktop computer.  


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