Gmail’s got AJAX – no thanks ! I will just use POP3

Hmm, I have not done a lot of Web programming, have done a lot of thick client programming on the other hand – Swing, MFC !.

I can appreciate the benefits of using AJAX technology to improve web site experience, but is it really going to replace desktop-based thick clients ? I have my doubts.

After reading a few blogs recently, in which users seem to prefer using Gmail POP3 with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Lately, a lot of AJAX based online applications have been making news – but I can’t help feel that despite working well in a web browser, users might still say – “Hell, Gimme access to the server, I will just connect from my thick client” –

Oh BTW, me uses Yahoo Mail – I do have a Gmail account, but sorry I am happy with Yahoo, especially Yahoo Beta rocks !!


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