GTD and Outlook

I finally purchased GTD and Outlook. It was only $10, and I thought it was worth it for someone like me who uses Outlook a lot at work. There is a sample chapter on the same page, but not much in there. When you buy it online, an email containing the link to download the PDF is sent to your email address.
I usually like to check out things under the hood, before using something, and that applies to Outlook tools like the Netcentrics GTD Outlook Plug-in or ClearContext as well. I think I need to do practice some manual GTDing in Outlook, before I go out and get one of these Outlook plugins. Sometimes too much of automation can also be disruptive, because when the system is unavailable, you feel paralyzed. You need to perform somethings manually first, before attempting to automate it –
Now, where do I start – Oh yes ! Page 1 in GTD and Outlook.

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3 Responses to GTD and Outlook

  1. Himanshu says:

    Please let me know how effective you found this $10 guide of GTD and Outlook. Even I plan to purchase it.

  2. muraliblogs says:

    Hi Himanshu,

    It was actually quite good. I haven’t yet implemented GTD completely as it is laid out in the book, but atleast I am able to keep my Inbox at near-zero levels, and have adopted a more task-based approach. I don’t have the GTD Outlook plug-in that can create a Task out of an email, but there is a handy little script that will do something similar – . This has served me well. I have restrictions at my workplace, that won’t let me install just any software that is not approved by the company’s IT department.
    I must admit that you can get almost of all the tricks for free at or forums, but I usually like to read books on a subject, and so I bought this e-book.

  3. Soul}{unter says:

    I think in most versions of Outlook you can drag the email onto the task tab or button on the left side of Outlook and it creates a task with the email as an attatchment.


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