Live Writer (Beta) test now

Installed Live Writer (Beta). So far I like it. I am not a regular blogger, but this is really clean – Nice clean User interface, and seems smooth too.

I have been developing front end applications for a long time, working with thick clients, and developing thick clients in MFC and Swing. The server side has been either CORBA or JMS/EJB. I personally believe JMS is the most useful of all J2EE technologies.

I have commented in an earlier post on how Desktop applications can provide a completely different feel over a browse based AJAX application.  I think enough has been written on thick client vs thin clients, but I cannot help but restate my opinion that the thick client is much better to use, especially when you want to work offline, and save your work.

We have seen that with many email clients, which let you work offline, save email drafts, and then send them, when you are online. With the new browser based applications, I am not sure how useful they will prove.

Within an enterprise, it makes sense to have online word processing applications, email applications, spreadsheets, etc.. where you can have a dedicated IT team ensuring an uptime of upto 99.99% of all these applications. But over the Internet, come on !!


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