Old computers – nice links

PC World’s article – The 25 Greatest PCs of all time has a nice collection of links to some websites that have information on some of the old computers. These are what I have collected from reading that article –

  1. Erik S. Klein’s Vintage Computer Collection
  2. Apple II History museum
  3. apple-history.com
  4. The Digibarn Computer Museum
  5. IBM PC’s debut photo album
  6. Ira Goldklang’s TRS-80 site
  7. Another Apple site – applefritter.com
  8. old-computers.com
  9. Thinkpad history
  10. The Apple Museum

One Response to Old computers – nice links

  1. Thanks .
    Nice links.
    Always on the lookout for other vintage computer hobbysist’s collection links .


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