These roads are meant for walking !

It is now almost 3 years since I returned to India, and during this time, I have only seen Hyderabad (where I live) go from bad to worse. The roads in the city are bigger than some I have seen in the US, and still a nuisance to drive on.

Lucky for me, I can walk to work, and not have to drive. Driving will save me 10 minutes, but I end up cursing a 100 people before I reach work.

Many times I have taken the auto-rickshaw, and stopped at a traffic jam. Got off the auto, walk for 1 KM, and traffic is flowing freely – simply don’t understand how traffic jams can occur in a distance of 1 KM. Takes me 10 mins to walk that 1 KM, and catch another auto, than sit in a car or on a bike, inhaling all the fumes, dust and bear the heat around you.

It only reminds me of that song which goes “These boots are meant for walking!”.

Maybe all that Hyderabadis need is, as Axl Rose sings, – “Just a little Patience”


One Response to These roads are meant for walking !

  1. Himanshu says:

    I recently shifted to Hyd from Pune. I can tell you this city is far better if at least the road conditions is concerned. Traffic is terrible no doubt, I haven’t seen such rash driving and foolish Jams anywhere.
    Thanksfully I live on outskirts and my office too is furthur away from city, so just have to face this mess only on weekends. 🙂

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