Linux for in-flight entertainment – Ah ! it does crash

I didn’t think Linux was being used for powering the in-flight entertainment systems. I was travelling to the US on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam,  and was trying to get the e-tainment system to work, seemed sort of stuck. Then suddenly the announcement – “We need to reset the system”, and I didn’t bother to pay much attention, until I saw the Penguin ! LOL, either Linux needed the hard reboot, or the airplane took the easy way out and just restarted the system – You never know !

Though I would prefer Windows XP anyday over Linux, it is good to know the Linux is used for in-flight systems. I am more of a traditional Unix fan (my favorite being Solaris). I don’t think Linux deserves the hype that it receives, more of a can-do-this and can-do-that and me-too kind, but never seems quite complete.

The funny part is that when I searched(or Googled) for “Linux for in-flight entertainment“, most of the  hits were about Linux crashing on the aircraft’s systems, and only a few links actually talking about how exactly it is used in-flight.


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