Launchy/Slickrun and environment variable troubles

I love Launchy and Slickrun. Don’t remember the last time, I actually opened the Windows Start Menu, after I started using these tools. But recently I had a really harrowing time when working on some of my development stuff.

I noticed that the command shells, editors and other applications (IntelliJ IDEA/MS Visual Studio etc..) that were launched using Launchy Slickrun weren’t reading the environment variable changes that were made.

It was dumb of me to not have restarted Launchy or Slickrun after I had made these changes, because the applications read the environment variables when they start up, and don’t seem to be pick up changes unless forced to or restarted. I restart my workstation once a month, and so I never realized the risks of launching applications using launchers, that are running all the time.

So after spending 20 minutes or so, I realized my mistake.

I wish launchers like Launchy and Slickrun were able to detect changes to the environment. I am planning to write my own Win32 program that will send a message to these applications to re-read the environment (someone told the Win32 function SendWindowMessage() should do the trick)


One Response to Launchy/Slickrun and environment variable troubles

  1. Uday says:

    Well, nice to see you still writing code customizations :-). The same OLD MURALI.

    I may be too underestimating you if I point you out (I know that you might have found the solution but trying my luck…) that, WM_COPYDATA can be used to send messages across applications.

    I hope this is what you need !!!

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