Is there a GrandCentral for Instant Messaging ?

August 15, 2009

We have got a number of good IM clients. IM clients like Digsby, Pidgin, Miranda and Trillian help in signing onto multiple IM clients at once.

Why can there not be a GrandCentral for IM ? Just like Google has the Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) product ?


Link: Using the Windows command shell

August 26, 2008

A nice little site on the Windows command shell – The Command Line in Windows

Back after a break !

July 26, 2007

Took a break (rather long one). Many things happened during the break – Got married, Got promoted at work, trying out Ubuntu (I still prefer Windows), learning Scrum, ……

I will be blogging again on a more regular basis.

Testing Performancing extension

August 19, 2006

Hmm, test post from Performancing . This is a rather nice tool for blogging. I am yet to try out Windows Live Writer, which seems to be getting some nice reviews of late.
I don’t have the .Net framework installed on my machine, so having some trouble getting LiveWriter to work. For now, Performancing should work just fine.

powered by performancing firefox

Old NYC Penn Station Pics (via Digg)

July 31, 2006

Wow ! dunno how I missed this – Thanks to this post on Digg [The Late, Great Penn Station (Image Gallery)] I got to see some really old and great Pics of the Late Penn station – Those halls are amazing.

3 Years working in NYC, used Penn Station a lot – No wonder, New Yorkers felt compelled to save the Grand Central from the same fate – The monstrosity that is Madison Square Garden is no match for the beauty of this old Penn Station. Now the station just looks and feels like an underground cavern –

classes.jsa – Interesting !

July 17, 2006

When I saw 4 JREs in my machine, was curious to see how the sizes differ, and they differ indeed. There is a big jump from 1.4.x to 1.5.x –

The biggest difference was an ~11 MB file called classes.jsa. I have been away from active programming for sometime back, after having moved into management (having last worked with JDK 1.4.x)  – But it was interesting reading – Sun has a page on this file – Class Data Sharing – Interesting, need to give it a read and understand it is all about.

BTW, in a previous post Windows Folder Size – JDiskReport, I had mentioned how JDiskReport can provide a nice analysis of a folder’s contents – This helped when I wanted to see how the JRE sizes varied, and so it is true that the JRE is growing by each release.

Some screenshots –

Pie Chart

Bar Chart 

Love the JGoodies stuff –

Hello world!

June 18, 2006

My first post. I just need to now overcome my laziness and get myself to blog regularly.