Drupal 7 User Experience Project

July 14, 2009

http://www.d7ux.org/ –  Great stuff. Waiting for Drupal 7 to be out.


Nice collection of Screencasts and Videos

December 21, 2006

Nice set of online videos – tutorials, screencasts, TechTalks and presentations.

Jon Udell: The Screening Room


Best Tech Videos

History Of The Button | MetaFilter

November 27, 2006

Some very interesting stuff. I always admire folks who are able to come up great presentations like this one

Link to History Of The Button | MetaFilter

Informit Article – Fonts and Texts in CSS

November 9, 2006

Nice useful little article –  Styling Fonts and Texts in CSS. Print view (easy reading) of the same article – Styling Fonts and Texts in CSS.