Question: How can I move all my Google Reader Starred Items into Shared Items?????

May 24, 2008

I have a lot of posts that I have Starred in Google Reader, and would now want to move it all into Shared Items, to make it available via FriendFeed. I have found a couple of articles that explain how to shared the Starred items directly, but Friendfeed doesn’t seem to be liked it, and seems to be parsing only the Google Reader Shared Items link.

Is there a way to just drag all the items into Shared??



I have already tried making the Starred items Public like this, but this didn’t seem to work


and the public page URL is 

Now when I try to add this at Friendfeed, it does not seem to like it –



Mozilla Prism ! Use it to read docs

May 4, 2008

Mozilla Prism is a nice way to browse all that API documentation and HTML user guides free of distraction. I have resorted to creating Prism shortcuts to almost all of the API documentation, HTML User and Reference guides. When I need to refer to a User guide, I just launch the shortcut, and all I see is that API documentation.

Not radically new, but beats launching a new browser instance to read these docs, and getting distracted by getting tempted to check email, blog subscriptions, etc.. etc.. etc..

Here is how it would look – This is an instance of Prism with the Spring Framework tutorial open currently – I can concentrate just on the tutorial, and not get distracted by anything else.


Adapt pages for mobile viewing using Google <add>Mobilizer</add>

April 27, 2008


I seem to be very late in discovering this, really only after browsing the web on the phone. This Google page mentioned below is popularly known as Google Mobilizer and has been already blogged about many times. Just search for “Google Mobilizer” and there are tons of links that show up.


While I wait for my broadband service activation, I have been depending on my Airtel GPRS data plan for all my Internet needs.

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds in Google Reader, and reading them over this GPRS connection can take a loooong time.

I use a HTC Touch for my phone needs, and share the GPRS connection to my PC using the “Internet Sharing” program that comes with it.

I can access Google Reader’s mobile versions at, which I access from my PC.

When I click a link in any of the RSS entries of a news feed, Google Reader most of the time automatically adapts the page for mobile viewing rendering it faster.

Agreed, it is not as pretty as the actual HTML page, but I can get through my RSS feeds pretty fast just viewing the Mobile verions as well.

The URL is always<url-of-the-page&gt;. So for instance, I need to visit CNN, I just type and I see an adapted version of the site.


Even easier, just bookmark the URL The page looks like this –


Enter the URL, say and of course I select the “No Images” most of the time to speed it up even further.

Many popular websites today have versions specific to mobile phones, but the links in most of the RSS new entries always seem to point to the actual HTML versions, which is a sad thing. It is good that Google Reader adapts those outgoing link destinations for mobile viewing.

Maxthon over Firefox or IE7 – for watching video.

December 22, 2007

I use Maxthon almost exclusively when I am watching videos online on Youtube/Metacafe/Google, because it pops up a nice log window, in which it presents the URL to the FLV file, which promptly goes into my download manager if I wanted the video offline.


Click on the "Options" link in the corner to open a log window, that has the complete URL to copy.


Nice !!

Way better having this available as a feature, than having to install browser extensions to download videos offline.

Synergy goodness

October 30, 2007

Recently at work, I installed Synergy and am loving it. It is great to be able to share the same keyboard and mouse between two different computers. I am sharing my keyboard and mouse between a desktop and laptop. Apart from sharing the keyboard and mouse, the other thing I really like is the ability to copy and paste across screens, which is proving to be extremely useful.

Read about it the first time at Lifehacker, and I have been wanting to try it since then. Lifehacker has instructions on how to get started with Synergy.


Ubuntu – not yet !

October 9, 2007

Not switching to Ubuntu, my Dad’s machine, until I can get a version of Yahoo Messenger, with webcam support on this. They need to use the webcam to chat with relatives on a daily basis.

But otherwise, a decent operating system, but not good enough for me to switch from Windows XP yet.

Back after a break !

July 26, 2007

Took a break (rather long one). Many things happened during the break – Got married, Got promoted at work, trying out Ubuntu (I still prefer Windows), learning Scrum, ……

I will be blogging again on a more regular basis.